Our Herd

As a small farm, we have a limited amount of space for animals. Our future plans would be to increase our herd to 25 head of brood cows, replacement heifers and beef steers. We currently have 11 head of highland cattle on our farm. Check out our gallery and show photo page to see more pictures of the whole herd!


We Tired Juliette

Summit Ranch Hail x EZ Acres Irene

16 Years Old

 Owned by Maryn & Melinda Cowell

Juliette is a relatively new addition to our farm. She is a larger framed cow that is structurally correct and displays excellent longevity! We bought her from We Tired Acres in May of 2019, along with her weanling calf Alyssa. Juliette is a more hands-off cow, but is very mellow out in the cow yards and  loves to be brushed. 

Rena cow pic.jpeg

Almosta Farm's Serena

Skye High Koal x Schon Boden's Selena

5 Years Old

     Owned by Maryn & Melinda Cowell

Serena is one of our foundation cows and the very first purebred heifer we ever bought! She is structurally correct, deep and long bodied, powerful, and feminine in her makeup. A former show heifer, Serena has one of the most easygoing dispositions in our herd. She has had some excellent calves for us sired via AI by Almosta Farm's Brogan!


Almosta Farm's Wynn

Skye High Koal x Shothorn Composite

5 Years Old

Owned by Maryn Cowell

Wynn is another one of our foundation cows and one of the first heifers we purchased! She is our only Sovereign registered crossbred cow. We bought her in 2015 from her breeder when she was 6 months old. She has produced some lovely 25% highland offspring from the club bulls we have bred her to. She is long and deep bodied, with some extreme cow power and femininity!  At 5 years old, she is a larger framed cow at an estimated 1400 lbs. In the barnyard she is the boss cow and has quite the spicy attitude!


Vivian of Flatland Farm

Skye High Wayward Son x Almosta Farm's Britt*

3 Years Old

Owned by Maryn Cowell

We bought Vivian from Flatland Farm LLC in of 2017. She was show extensively with success. Vivian is a short, stocky powerhouse of a heifer, despite being smaller framed. She is always the first one at the gate to greet visitors and loves attention. As of now she is ready to be bred and we look forward to having many lovely calves out of this little white heifer!

Harlow 2.JPG

SM Harlow Greer

Trafalgar Sampson II x Autumn Mist Whisper

3 Years Old

Owned by Maryn Cowell

Harlow was bought from Spring Mountain Farm at the 2018 NCHCA Production Sale. After being show extensively for a year, she is happy to be home and will be having a calf for us next year! Harlow is a medium framed, attractive heifer that is structurally correct and sound on the move. 


D2C2's Caoimhe

CSF Humphrey x Gray Owl's Vivian

2 Years Old

Owned by Lauren Cowell

Caoimhe was bought in winter of 2018 from Double D Cattle Company. She was show extensively throughout 2019 with relative success.  Caoimhe is very sound on the move and is packed full of feminine power! She is now ready to be bred to calve in 2021! She is one of the sweetest heifers in the yard, and is always ready to greet visitors at the gate!


We Tired Alyssa

BRF Barra x We Tired Juliette

20 Months Old

Owned by Maryn & Melinda Cowell

Aly was bought as a 8 month old calf alongside her dam, Juliette. She was weaned, halter trained and then shown for the following year. She is one of the more uniquely colored heifers in our herd, being very dark red with extensive white frosting all over her body. She is a larger framed heifer with excellent volume and capacity. Aly is one of the most friendly heifers in the yard and will let virtually anyone lead her around.


Beyond Hope Skye

 Almosta Farm's Brogan x Almosta Farm's Serena 20 Months Old

Owned by Maryn Cowell

Skye is the first calf out of our foundation cow Serena. She is a long bodied, stocky structurally correct red brindle heifer. Skye has been shown with near perfect results since she was 4 months old! She recently won the title of the ROE Senior Heifer Calf of the Year! As a result of being handled since birth, she is our go-to promotional event heifer. We have taken her to numerous events to promote the highland breed .