Highland Diversity

Scottish highlands are unique among the many other mainstream breeds, such as Black Angus, Simmental, and Hereford. They are known mainly for their long, wavy hair; horns; short stocky structure; and longevity. In addition to these, highlands have a reputation for producing some of the leanest and most flavorful beef on the market. Because of highlands' genetic diversity, they are becoming a popular breed for crossbreeding. When crossed with a Shorthorn for instance, they create a calf that displays hybrid vigor.  Hybrid vigor means that their terminal calves will finish at a younger age on less feed and have a higher yield at slaughter.  

Highland Evaluation

The links below provide excellent information about highland cattle and the desired conformation. Link 1. provides more detailed information about the ideal beef cattle conformation and how to judge a quality animal, and what makes a quality animal. Link 2. has information about the ideal conformation of highland cattle, but also has more extensive information focused on educating new breeders about highlands and how to best manage their operations.  


Link 1.  https://www.skyehighfarms.com/111%20Beef%20Cattle%20Evaluation%20highland%20edition%20ul.pdf

Link 2.  https://www.highlandcattleusa.org/content/BreedersGuide.pdf

Ideal Breeding Heifer


Ideal Market Steer

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